Sundance 2013, Pt. 7: (Re)Connecting the Field

The 2013 Sundance Film Festival is over and OUT! And for me and my road-trip partner, we couldn’t have picked a more opportune time to leave. The cloudless, sunny ski resort town we found when we arrived the first weekend … Continue reading Sundance 2013, Pt. 7: (Re)Connecting the Field

A Trip Down Memory Lane

There I was on a Thursday evening in Los Angeles Echo Park, across the street from one of L.A.’s many urban Mexican food stands. It’s late August, a time where folks are headed back to school, cultural institutions are gearing up for next year’s big events, and at Visual Communications, where I would normally be wrapping up my summer activities and getting ready for the long, arduous programming research trek of international film festivals. So what would bring me to the very intimate, very grungy, and very down-home Echo Park Film Center? Continue reading A Trip Down Memory Lane