(Late) Dispatches from Park City, Part Two: Parsing Democracy, A THOUSAND CUTS at a Time

Three months late, but better late than never, I suppose. While I wanted to conduct more filmmaker interviews than I wanted while in Park City, UT this past January, I figured that because I was so busy documenting the the myriad activities that composed this year’s edition of the Asian Pacific Filmmakers Experience in Park City, I wouldn’t have time to do ANY filmmaker interviews. Fortunately, I was able to corral a couple of old friends who were premiering new documentary works at the Sundance Film Festival. First, I was able to meet up with Bao Nguyen, whose Bruce Lee documentary for ESPN’s “Thirty for 30” series, BE WATER, made its World Premiere screening during Opening Weekend.

The, just before I left town, I sat down for a filmed conversation with Ramona S. Diaz, who pulled off the proverbial Sundance “hat trick” with her latest documentary feature, A THOUSAND CUTS, her third feature-length documentary to screen in competition at arguably America’s preeminent film festival for independent cinema.

Looking back, I could not have sat down with two more opposite personalities: Baoster was laconic, bright, and very studious, while Ramona seemingly anticipated almost every question I threw at her (and mind you, I don’t go into interviews with a script or list of talking-points — I traditionally “wing” it. Nonetheless, I was happy with how both chats turned out.

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